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This website is the primary source of news and information for the

Nowland Estates Subdivision

Latest News from the board...


    • PRESIDENT - Mike Varney

    • SECRETARY - Kelly and Nick Aquino

    • TREASURER - Andy Sondor

    • LANDSCAPING - Jason Cohn, Jim Aigner, Jim Neilson

    • PUMPS & PONDS - Dave Stendardo and Randy Giannini

    • WEB MASTER - Elizabeth Varney

    • ROADS DIRECTOR - Dave Pawczuk

  • Annual Assessments are increasing to $390 in 2024


Revised 01/17/2024

Events 2024

Board of Directors Meetings

All residents are welcome!

03/06/2024 7-8:30 pm, Canton Township Room B

06/05/2024 7-8:30 pm, Canton Township Room B

11/06/2024 7-8:30 pm, Canton Township Room B

Annual Association Meeting

All residents are welcome!

09/04/2024 7-8:30 pm, Canton Township Room B

Sub-Wide Garage Sale

  • May 30, 31, and June 1st (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Neighborhood Block Party

  • TBD for 2024



A new concrete repair project is in the works. More information will be published when it is available.

See Roads Project: Project Scheduled for 2024 for the latest information.

Revised 12/19/2023




Regarding Building and Inspection Permits

and Association Covenants and Restrictions

In 2022, Canton made changes to its residential permitting process and no longer requires HOA approval prior to issuing any permits from our Building and Inspections Services Division.  Although Canton adheres to property ordinances adopted by the governing body of the township, they do not override covenants and restrictions established by each HOA.


Canton has over 230 HOAs, and each have their own covenants and restrictions that require specific regulations for things like solar panel placement, swimming pools, fences, and other exterior modifications/enhancement.  It is important that residents first check with their HOA to make sure a project meets all subdivision requirements.  Unfortunately, Canton cannot issue permit refunds for permits reviewed, issued, and then cancelled due to violations of HOA requirements.


Attached is a letter we are asking you to share with your HOA members that explain this process change. If you have any questions please call out Building and Inspection Services Division at 394-5200 or email us at


Link to the Letter from Canton Township

Edited 12/19/2023

Annual Assessments

See the Treasurer's page for more details.

Exterior Renovations



Review the ARC page for a summary of the process,


Contact the ARC 

Housekeeping Announcement

From Canton FOCUS, October 2022

Canton is asking residents to help clear residential storm drains that are covered in leaves and/or debris. When the drain is blocked, water can’t flow properly and flooding may result. Additionally, piles of leaves create poisonous gas when they build up in the underground catch basins. This gas causes oxygen levels to fluctuate to dangerously low levels in creeks and streams where fish and other wildlife live. Unclogging storm drains is quick and easy! Simply sweep, rake or shovel away leaves covering the grate and pile them away from the drain so they do not blow back in again.

Snow Removal


Streets will be plowed after a snowfall event of 2" or more. Plowing should be finished within 48 hours AFTER the snow stops falling.

Please remove your cars from the street during snow events.  Moving your car allows the contractor to clear the roads safely, efficiently and completely.

Please shovel you sidewalk in a timely manner.

Edited from: Canton FOCUS, December 2021, "Snow removal reminder".

"The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) reminds property owners that depositing snow and ice in public roadways is prohibited. Snow, ice or slush pushed onto the roadway creates a safety hazard, as well as crates inefficiencies for...snow removal operations which results in increased costs to the public for winter maintenance services."

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