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Architectural Review Committee



  • The ARC, together with Canton Ordinances and Ordinance Officer support, strives to meet the objective of maintaining a consistent, high quality, neighborhood appearance.


ARC Process​ Summary

  1. Preliminary plans may be submitted to the ARC for Preliminary Approval

  2. The preliminary plans are reviewed by the ARC and approved or denied

  3. After preliminary plans are approved, the Owner submits final plans for approval

  4. After final plans are reviewed and approved, the Owner may begin work

See the Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions, Article V. for all the details.

During the review process the ARC may request changes. The Owner is welcome to meet with the Board to discuss alternatives before work begins.

Considerations of the ARC

Specific reasons for Approval and Disapproval of plans may be found in the Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions; Article V; Section 5.

Below are a few items for consideration:


    1. ​The ARC must be advised of ANY CHANGES IN GRADE on the lot which may affect the Storm Drainage.


    1. Changes to exterior colors of the roof, siding, trim, and windows require submitting accurate color samples to the ARC for approval.

    2. The ARC recommends keeping color schemes in the "as-built" appearance.

    3. It is also acceptable to use colors of other "as-built" color schemes as long as one meets the requirements of Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions, Article VI, Section 6, Similar Elevations.

    4. Color schemes that deviate from this will be considered if the colors used are what is normally considered a "neutral, earth tone".  

  3. TREES:

    1. The ARC needs to be advised before adding or removing trees from the right-of-way (between the sidewalk and the street).


    1. No approval from the ARC is necessary if the maintenance does not change the exterior color, appearance, or grade.





Regarding Building and Inspection Permits

and Association Covenants and Restrictions

Last year, Canton made changes to its residential permitting process and no longer requires HOA approval prior to issuing any permits from our Building and Inspections Services Division.  Although Canton adheres to property ordinances adopted by the governing body of the township, they do not override covenants and restrictions established by each HOA.


Canton has over 230 HOAs, and each have their own covenants and restrictions that require specific regulations for things like solar panel placement, swimming pools, fences, and other exterior modifications/enhancement.  It is important that residents first check with their HOA to make sure a project meets all subdivision requirements.  Unfortunately, Canton cannot issue permit refunds for permits reviewed, issued, and then cancelled due to violations of HOA requirements.


Attached is a letter we are asking you to share with your HOA members that explain this process change. If you have any questions please call out Building and Inspection Services Division at 394-5200 or email us at


Link to the Letter from Canton Township

Edited 5/25/2023

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