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Canton's Local Road Match Program

Concrete Replacement Project

Scheduled for 2027


Project Budget: $50,000

Cost to Nowland Estates: $2,500, paid in 2024

Scope: Plans will depend on work completed in 2025.

Canton's Local Road Match Program

Concrete Replacement Project

Scheduled for 2025


Project Budget: $50,000

Cost to Nowland Estates: $2,500, paid in 2023

Scope: Plans in progress...

Canton's Local Road Match Program

Concrete Replacement Project

Completed 2023

Project Budget: $50,000

Cost to Nowland Estates: $2,500


Remove and replace failed concrete in several locations: 596 square yards

Miscellaneous work to 3 drain structures.

MAP of the work.

Below is the information mailed to residents:

Dear Homeowner,


Good news!

The replacement work on some of our concrete subdivision roads will be starting soon!


The project is scheduled to start the first week in June and end the first week in July.


There are seven areas of the streets where concrete will be replaced.

The following are important notes about the process. Please read everything carefully and email the board with any questions.


DIRECTLY AFFECTED resident's addresses are listed at the bottom of this email.


The directly affected addresses will have the concrete street in front of their homes completely or partially replaced.

To see a map from Canton Engineering, go to the subdivision website:  


The construction process for each area will be as follows. Construction crews will mark the concrete to be removed and replaced. Soon after that the contractor will sawcut the concrete. Then they will remove the old concrete. Repairs to the concrete base will follow. Then they will pour the new concrete. Finally, the area will remain marked off while the concrete cures. This process should take about two weeks for each area (weather and contractor dependent).


Directly affected homeowners will need to move their cars from their garage or driveway to a non-construction area of the street, if you want to drive them during the construction period.  Since we are not sure when work will begin, keep an eye out for the concrete marking phase. Directly affected residents may want to move cars to the streets when they see the concrete marked.  The contactor has instructions to knock on doors and ask the homeowners to move their cars prior to work commencing; but, there is no guarantee that the resident will be home when the contractor arrives.


No streets will be closed off during the construction. For both the Nowland/Sheldon and Nowland/Palmer entrances, the contractor will work on half of each entrance at a time.  Therefore, there will be a single lane to enter and exit the subdivision at each entrance during the construction period, so please drive with caution!  We do not know which half of each entrance will be worked on first, so homeowners on both sides of the street may want to initially move their cars.


Many areas involve only replacing 1/3 to 1/2 of the street width. If parking is normally allowed on the opposite side of the street from a repair area, please do not park there and cause an impassable roadway.


If any resident in the repair areas have irrigation system lines and heads along the curb, they should FLAG the heads in advance of construction. The resident probably should shut off the zone as well. If the contractor accidently cuts a water line or sprinkler head, and your water turns on, the work area will be flooded. This will delay the repairs and waste a lot of water.


Mail will not be delivered to mailboxes that are obstructed by the construction work. The mail carrier will not exit their vehicle to put mail in the box. The mail will be returned to the post office; and, the resident will need to pick up their mail from there during construction.


Garbage, compost, and recycling containers will need to be moved to a readily accessible location. According to Canton Engineering if the resident leaves their items at the end of their driveway, and access is blocked by construction, the contractor is responsible for moving the items to an access point. Just to be safe, it is advisable for residents to make arrangements ahead of time with a neighbor and place their items in an agreeable spot themselves.


The contractor has advised the township that they WILL NOT provide concrete removal or replacement services for the residents during construction. The township supports this decision. Both the contractor and township advise residents to not approach workers to solicit additional work during construction.


Summer break begins for all Plymouth/Canton students on June 14th. There are no bus stops that will be affected by the construction.


Thanks in advance for your patience as our roads are being repaired!



Nowland Estates Homeowners Association Board



1570 Valentine Court

1542 Valentine Court

1538 Valentine Court

44310 Nowland Drive

44321 Nowland Drive

44282 Nowland Drive

43973 Nowland Drive

43821 Nowland Drive

43742 Nowland Drive

43475 Nowland Drive

43439 Nowland Drive

43476 Nowland Drive

43432 Nowland Drive

Canton Local Road Repair Program

Nowland Court Project

Completed in 2021

Project Budget: $100,000

Cost to Nowland Estates: $10,000


Remove and replace asphalt. 1,740 square yards

Remove and replace failed curb and gutter. 635 linear feet

Wayne County Local Partnering Initiative for Township Roads

Concrete Replacement Project

Completed in 2016

Project Budget: $200,000

Cost to Nowland Estates: $40,000


Remove and replace failed concrete in 5 locations within the subdivision

     1. Nowland Drive at Sheldon Entrance. 703 square yards

     2. Nowland Drive at Palmer Entrance. 630 square yards

     3. Nowland Drive Eyebrow. 416 square yards

     4. Valentine Court Eyebrow. 416 square yards

     5. Valentine Court Cul-de-sac (partial). 290 square yards

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