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Landscaping Committee Activities

The Landscaping Committee maintains the natural beauty of the subdivision commons areas which includes; berms, landscape buffer zones, retention/detention ponds, and median islands.

  • Plant annuals and maintains perennials

  • Maintain the monuments and lighting

  • Maintain irrigation systems

  • Contract for grass cutting, fertilizing and Spring & Fall Clean-Up programs

  • Trim bushes and trees

  • Contract for fresh mulch around the plantings on the berms

  • Decorate monuments during the holiday season

Tree Trimming Above Sidewalks

Canton Township Ordinances require tree branches to be trimmed to 7' above all sidewalks.

This is important for the safety of pedestrians and bike riders.

Remove Dead Trees


Please remove any dead trees from your yards.

Trees that have been dead for a long time are unsightly and may be a hazard when they break or fall.


Please replace dead or missing trees in the zones between the sidewalk and the street.


We would like to bring the subdivision back up to the standards of the original Landscaping Plan.  If you want to know how many trees you should have and where they should be, please Contact Us.

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