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This page serves as an archive of Special Assessment Information.

Edited 12/19/2023


Special Assessment Meeting: May 23, 2023, 7-8 pm

Township Administration Building

Meeting Room Freedom

In order to continue operations for 2023, and complete several urgent maintenance activities, the board is asking the members to approve a special assessment.

Letters were mailed last week.

Those letters explain the reasons behind the need for the special assessment. There is a proxy form that is to be used to vote on the special assessment if you are unable to attend the special assessment meeting. There is also a spreadsheet showing the planned expenditures and the estimated amounts. Please read the letters carefully and follow the instructions on the proxy.

There is also a letter asking for more residents to become involved in the association activities by becoming a board member.

If you have any questions you can attend the meeting on May 3rd or send questions to the subdivision email account Contact Us

Below are copies of the information mailed to you.

Special Assessment Letter - 2023

Special Assessment Financials - 2023

Board Letter - 2023

Edited 4/29/2023


In order to continue operations for 2023, and complete several urgent maintenance activities, the board will be asking the members for a special assessment.

We will not be able to mow, water, and fertilize the commons areas, complete spring & fall cleanups, plow the snow, or service the pumps for the remainder of 2023. 

The reasons for this are that the detention ponds and pump stations at Palmer and Valentine Court needed significant repairs at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. The repairs are still not finished. Also, the board purchased a gas powered pump. It is available for anyone who wishes to volunteer their services to use the pump to lower the water level in the pond and storm water collection system.

These expenditures have nearly depleted our budget for 2023.

Further, the board has been advised to complete several maintenance activities in the ponds and pump stations as soon as possible. These will be expensive.

Further, the February ice and snow storms brought down several trees on the berms and in the ponds. These need to be cut and removed; but, there are no funds available. The board is planning on putting funds in the special assessment for this.

Finally, there are several other maintenance activities that need to be done in the near, not too distant, future. At the subdivision's current annual assessment and the continuous rising price of service for the ponds, pumps, and landscaping, there has been no opportunity to fund these maintenance activities. These may need to wait; but, there needs to be planning on how those will be funded in the future.

More information will be available soon.


Also, look for a Special Assessment letter in your mailbox. 

Edited 4/7/2023

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