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Governing Documents of the Association​

  • These documents are published for the benefit of all homeowners.

  • As all homeowners are members of the association you should be familiar with them.

  • The information contained within the documents is critical to the understanding of the operations of the Association.

Articles of Incorporation (179KB)

Articles of Incorporation Amendment (110KB)

Bylaws (832 KB)

Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions (1,156 KB)

1st Amendment (146KB)

2nd Amendment (133KB)

3rd Amendment (94KB)

​Storm Drainage Facilities Maintenance Agreement (1,696KB)

Storm Drainage Facilities Maintenance Agreement Amendment (177KB)

Landscaping Maintenance Agreement (312KB)

Landscaping Maintenance Agreement Amendment (188KB)

Covenants & Restrictions Violation Notice (458 KB)

This is the form used for issuing violations to rules set forth in the DC&R


Plat Map Nowland Estates (1,136KB)

Plat Map Nowland on the Court (383KB)

Plat maps are as downloaded from the state of Michigan web site.

Drainage District Map (1,741KB)

This is a map showing the Drainage Districts applicable to the subdivision properties.

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